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 Az Ham Pashide P184 END
 Fariha Duble Farsi Part 65
Eshgh Mamnue Duble P160END
 Fatma Gul Duble Farsi Part 5
 Serial Rose Siah P332 END
 Serial 1001 Shab P163 END
 Serial Asi P122 END
 Serial Noor P150 END
 To Male Mani P57 END
 Tosife Eshgh Part 124
 Serial Yeter Kafi P222 END
Taslim Nemishavam P302END
Taslim Hargez Farsi Part 47
 Dokhtare Choopan P79 END
 Eshghe Talkh P65 END
 To Zibatarini P92 END
 Dar Ghakbe Man P51 END
 Analar Ve Anneler P37 END
 Rabeteh, Moteahel Part 19
 Serial Gere Koor 2 Part 170
 Serial Ab Zire Kah Part 17
 Serial Rangarang Part 32
 Serial 46 Napadid Part 23
 Eshghe Parandeh Part 33
 Eshghe Dorough Part 39

ParandeKoshEghbal 255END
 Serial Yekdel Part 110
 Serial Lake Part 45
 Serial Dokhtaram P170 END
 Aroos Estanboli P435 END
 Serial Halgheh Part 95
 Dara Va Nadar P40 END
Serial Hekayate MaP350 END
 Serial Keshik P40 END
 Serial Zoje Afsanei P60 END
GeryeNakonMadar P65 END
 Tapeh Shahin P30 END
 Serial Jenayatha P225 END
 Narahat Nasho Part 35
 Delshekasteha Part 20
 Avalin Eshgh P60 END
 Esghe Fereshteha P55 END
Khanevade Shire Man Part 60
 Mahi Ezheh Part 25
 Soltane Ghalbam P40 END
 Masum Nistam Part 30
 Ashkhaye Behesht P180 END
 Fazilat Khanoom P250 END
 Bakhtiar Nemimire Part 30
 Parande Bi Bal P230 END
 Serial 8 Rooz P29 END
Zan Khatarnak Man P30END
 Serial Servat P20 END
 Soltan Mohammad P30 END
 Baraye Khanevadeam Part 9
 Yek Mojezeh Part 5
Doshmane Khaneam P30 END
 Derakhte Zendegi Part 6
 Morvaride Siah P100 END

   Show Nowroz 1397
 Movazeb Bash Part 42
 Bakhshe Ghalb Part 25
 Dele Porroye Man P61 END
 Dokhtaran Aftab Part 125
 Asrare Zendegi P55 END
 Gonahane Pedaram P20 END
 Serial Kahkeshan P87 END
 Serial Mahe kamel P130 END
Baradaram Kojaei Part 10
 Tabeid Be Eshgh Part 6
 Eshgh Va Mavi Part 227
 Serial Asir P45 END
 Kerme Shabtab P85 END
HekayateYekEshgh P148END
 Serial Halgheh Part 30
 Baghchehaye Eshgh Part 5
 Serial Roya Part 50 END
 Asheghe Divaneh P50 END
 Eshmesho To Bezar Part 176
 Che Kasi Gereft P50 END
 Afsaneh Sambung Part 50
 Setareh Choopan Part 85
 Shoja Va Ziba P185 END
 Serial Dar Zendan P223 END
 Dastane Bodrum Part 199

Roozegar Shahzadeh P24 END
 Gheshre Morafah P79 END
Befarma Sham Norouz G2 P4
 Mosabeghe Stage2 P22 END
 Jodaei Napazir Part 54 END
 Taraje Eshgh Part 29 END
 Hargez Taslim Part 47
 Serial Roze Siah P332 END
Zendegi Gahi Shirin P141END
 Eshgh Va Ghoror P30 END
 Ashoob Daroon P30 END
 Eshghe Bi Zaboon Part 169
 Setareha Shahedan P20 END
 Doostam Dare Part 145
 Esmesho To Bezar Part 106
 Ghalbe Roozegar Part 45

 Banooye Toofan P93 END
 Serial Iffet(Effat) P92 END
 Medcezir P236 END
Dokhtar EmperatoorP54 END
 Aghaye Doctor Part 24
 Mikhak Doble FarsiP39 END
 Serial Sangdel P162 END
Saeed Shura Doble P46 END
Haramsara Soltan Kholase 4
Saeed Shura Zirnevis Part 65
Tunnel Zaman Part 34
Manij Va Khalil P72 END
Talent Show P40 END
Miras 100 Sale P76 END
 TVP Dance Part 6 END
Malake SeondeokP93 END
 20 Daghigheh P59 END

 Che Dastane Ajibi P55 END
 Entegham Shirin P89 END
 Serial Cafe Piano P62 END
 Eshghe Orjansi P72 END
 Booye Tut Farangi P64 END
 Sher Yadet Nare Nowroz
 Vaziate Ezterari P20 END
 Kakh Neshinan P97 END
 Serial Patrix P110 END
Okeea (Kara Sevda) P267END
 Serial Nofouzi P126 END
 Eshghe Divane P20 END
 Sarneveshte Siah P26 END
 Fatehe Jang P230 END
 Asheghe Har 2 Part 15
 Booye Farzand P45 END
 Hanoozam Omidvaram Part 3
 Serial Ghool Part 30
 Tofan Parastoha Part 36
 Doroughe Sefid Part 25
 Kasi Bazgashte Ast Part 8
Tahamol Kon Delam P65END

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 Rismane Eshgh P91 END
 Havooye Man Part 69 END
 Setare Shomali Duble Part 54
 Aghaye Nashayest P42 END
 Ghahreman Duble P102 END
 Halghe Duble Farsi P61 END
 Serial Fateh Duble P24 END
 Mojeze Doctor Duble Part 62
 Serial Hamsafar P22 END
 Parande Zakhmi P162 END
 Serial Tasadof Part 85
 Asrare Khanevadeh P41 END
 Bache Duble Farsi P68 END
 Dastane Ma Farsi Part 140
 Soltane Ghalbam P36 END
 Hoviat Doganeh P13 END
 Asheghe To Hastam Part 248
 Serial Edalat P16 END
ShamMontreal Ottawa G16 P4
 Nefrat Penhan P40 END
 Saranjam Parvande P8 END
 Serial Bazgasht P27 END
 Serial Lerux P90 END
 Gereftare Del Part 62
 Kalagh Doble Farsi P83 END
 Tajamolat Duble Part 97
 Raha Nakon Duble Part 94
 Navaye Entegham P82 END
 Kalaghe Siah Farsi Part 31
 Khianat Der Eshgh P150 END
 Az Del Ta Del P137 END
 Serial Atre Eshgh P191 END
Golpari DubleFarsi P120 END
 Zohre Duble Farsi Part 15
 Talkho Shirin P100 END
 Aroos Farsi Doble P307 END
 Bakhshe Vije P19 END
 Serial Jong Miong P50 END
 Serial Jazromad P156 END
 Ghorse Mah P87 END
 Deldadegi Duble P84 END
 Deldadegi Zirnevis P148 END
 Toi Eshghe Man P154 END
 Eshghe Siah Sefid P111 END
 Afsane Ouk New P73 END
 Tu Diare Ghorbat Part 85
 In Eshgh Ra Che Part 39
 Serial To Zibai P24 END
 Eshgh Halish Nist Part 103
 Serial Malake Ki P70 END
Dar Entezar Eshgh Part 66
 Eshghe Ejarei Part 222
 Khorde Jenayatha Part 12
 Serial Sad Zirnevis P195 END
 Mavara Zirnevis Part 7
 Fatma - Zirnevis P6 END
 Montazer Mandam P65 END
 Serial Harjaei Part 345 END
 Serial Ramo P200 END
 Serial Dardesarsaz P150 END
 Kamiyon Ghermez Part 5
 Bi Etebar Zirnevis P10 END
Eshgh Nimekare Dub P8END
 Samte Chape Man P60 END
 50 Metre Morabba P8 END
 Serial Ghoghnoos P130 END
 Maria Va Mostafa P85 END
 Dorane Kudaki P55 END
 Gonahe Yek Madar Part 25
 Eshghghhaye Nimekare Part 8
 Serial Ghole Sharaf Part 20
 Serial Moalem P45 END
 Zandegi Jadid P45 END
 Serial Kabootar P80 END
 Eshgh Zir Shirvuni P80 END
 Rooze Khoob Bad P30 END
Istanbol Zalem Duble Part155
 Aghaye Eshtebah P70 END
Javani Yadat BekhairP85END
 Serial Taze Aroos Part 300
 Serial Ghahreman P170 END
 Ramazan Tatar Part 78
 Esteghlal Ya Marg P30 END
 Eshgh Seda Mizanad Part 20
 Serial Khedmatkaran Part 15
 Eshghe Tajamolati Part 190
 Serial Vaslat P220 END
 Serial Zan P405 END
 Serial Bache P90 END
 Kasi Nemidoone P135 END
 Serial Azizeh Part 30
 Dorooghe Shirin P140 END
 Farhad Va Shirin Part 30
DastamRahaNakon P295END
 Eshgh Va Ashk P80 END
 Gozashteh Aziz P40 END
 Serial Golooleh P35 END
 Serial Hameja To Part 115
Dastan Khanevadegi P90END
 Kalaghe Siah P105 END
Serial Khaharzade P105 END
 Ashianeh Delam P85 END

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Serial Taraj Eshgh

Serial Taraj Eshgh
More Details
Taraj Eshgh
Yasmine and her husband, Adam (Youssef el Khal), are in, in the simplest terms, a financial crisis. They took a loan from the bank for five hundred thousand dollars, so they can turn their lifelong dream into a reality. As musicians (he plays on the piano and she plays on the cello - hence the show's name), they wanted to build a Music Hall kind of platform. However, one night, after they've spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on the project, the whole thing gets burned down. It turns out that the fire was caused by Yasmine - accidentally - as she's left her coffee being heated to ignite what ruined her and her husband's life. More Details
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Part 29a new   Online: Link1  
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Part 29b
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Farid - Duble Farsi
Aghazadeh - Duble Farsi
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 Namadari SUB P40 END
 To Ra Nemidam Part 45
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 Rooze Akhar SUB P8 END
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 Gol Jamal SUB P65 END
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 Bazigar Zirnevis P8 END
 Tashkilat SUB P395 END
 Prancess Bi Taj Part 65
 Roozhaye Ziba P130 END
 Parchame Sorkh P95 END
 Mojeze 100 Sale P65 END
 DokhtarP.PanjereP410 END
 Tasise Osmani SUB P650 END
 Bonbaste Del SUB P140 END
 Malakeh SUB P55 END
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 Sibe Mamnue SUB P885 END
 Partoei Az Aftab P180 END
 Khanevadeh - Aile Part 65
Harchi Beshe Part205 END
 Marde Bi Etemad P65 END
 Taleh Zirnevis Part 130 END
Dar Entehaye Shab P130 END
 Dardesar Oftadam P25 END
 9 Jangavar Sub Part 30
 An Dokhtar SUB P120 END
 Shanse Zendegiam P45 END
 Shahmaran Sub P8 END
 Rooze Sefr SUB Part 30
 Sepahi Zirnevis P40 END
 Serial Khubi SUB P135 END
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 Zendegi Emrooze P40 END
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 Mahkum Zirnevis P155 END
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 Dastan Gol Sorkh P85 END
Tanasob Fogholade P65 END
 Doost Midari SUB P100 END
 Mojtajer Bi Naghz P30 END
 Zibatar Az To - SUB P70 END
 Hamaseh Zirnevis P140 END
 Takhte Siah SUB P100 END
 Zamane Khoshbakhti P4 END
 Ah Koja - Zirnevis P35 END
 Derakhte Zeytoon P8 END
 Baraye Ghalbam P35 END
 Mahramaneh SUB P40 END
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 Atash Daruneman P25 END
 Zamane Asheghi Part 25
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 Chukurova SUB P705 END
Farzand Raz Madar P55END
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 Aziz - Zirnevis P140 END S01
 Darbareye Ezdevaj P165 END
3Sekke (3 Gheroon) P140END
 Pesaram Zirnevis P75 END
 Barbarosa P160 END OF S01
Labkhande Sarnevesht END25
 Serial Bi Sedaghat P300 END
Apartman Bigonahan END355
 Be Name Eshgh P55 END
 Zedegiha Va Royaha P26 END
Mard Ke Ashegh She P26END
 Ta Akharin Nafas P25 END
 Zakhm Ghalb SUB P160END
Otagh Ghermez P305 END
 Sarzamin Bighanoon P80 End
 Roozegari Ghebres P120 END
 Penhan Madaran P40 END
 Dokhtare Mardom P65 END
 Koloup - Zirnevis P10 END
 Ahvale Donyai SUB P23 END
 Behet Ghol Midam P35 END
 Yeshilcham Zirnevis Part 20
 Yek Rooz Hatman P30 END
 Dastane Jazeere P125 END
 Zendegi Man SUB P30 END
 Mehman Zirnevis P25 END
 Dorughgu Zirnevis P50 END
 Dorugh Va Shamha P25 END
 Yeki Az Miyan Ma P30 END
 Akharin Tabestan P130 END
 Dastan Shahri Door Part 25
 Bazi Bakht Zirnevis P85 END
 Raze Ma 2 Nafar P50 END
 Aval Va Akhar SUB Part 8
 Eshghe Tasadofi P65 END
 Balaye Joonam SUB P65 END
 Dare Khane Bezan P260 END
 Tarze Tahye Eshgh Part 65
 Saghfhaye Shishei P40 END
 Serial Kafareh P175 END
 Serial Marashli P130 END
 Jalalodin Shir Sahra Part 35
 Seriale Aghrab P130 Final
 Khaneh Kaghazi P40 END
Serial Godal SUB P660 END
 Zohoure Bozorg P170 END
 Serial Sholevar P140 END
 Mojeze Doctor Part 320 END
 Serial Hakimoglu P255 END
 Fasele Beyne Ma Part 5
 Serial Masumiat P65 END
 Esme Man Malek P330 END
 Serial Mohajem Part 100
Khaneh Sarnevesht P215END
 Dokhtare Safir Part 260 END

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